K7 series


If you care about the design of the dental chair, but you don’t have the budget for the big European and American brands, then the K7 series produced by Taiwan Kuang-Yu Medical can be one of your choice. Among the Taiwan brands, the K7 series launched by the long-established KY brand is currently the closest to the European-style dental chair of appearance.



Presentable sofa leather for the huge body of Europeans. As an Asian, I actually feel quite comfortable after lying down. The all-white paints combined a streamlined plastic shell fully shows the sincerity of its European style.The all-aluminum chair body combines the chair of the American specification and ceramic cuspidor that can be rotated left and right. The one-piece instrument tray hanger has 6 reserved holes, and 4 reserved holes are also given in the assistant , which provide your light curing machine to have a home. The K7 series uses a hydraulic system as the power source of the chair. Except for the resonance sound produced by the plastic cover, the voice made by the hydraulic motor is not loudly (to have different views). The hydraulic cylinder will move on its own track during the operation, providing excellent safety for the chair. In addition, in the control system, the K7 series uses air pressure control. The pipeline from Japan is used to ensure the service life and quality of the pipeline.



We all know that the parts decide the life and death of a dental chair. This makes Kuang-yu Company slogan that 80% of air-control parts are self-made. It is currently one of the few Taiwan dental chair brands that produce parts by themselves.The K7 series is conservative in terms of functional characteristics. In addition to the basic functions, it also gives 3 sets of custom seat memory, hot water, sensor water supply, and X-rays. Here we can mention the special bottle function. , Water bottle provides one more water source option. You can add pipeline disinfection liquid in the water bottle to disinfect your high-speed pipeline, or you can use the source of the water bottle when the tap water is stopped. Two external quick-connect sockets are provided with the switch to switch the water source, so you can connect the water source of the external scaler or other equipment.


The appearance of the K7 series is definitely one of the selling points, but the requirements for details are indeed far from the European and American manufacturers. If the quality of the self-made parts can reach the level of Europe and the United States, then the K-7 series is a good deal, otherwise it will become a fatal injury.


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